Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Caipirinha where'd I put that damn thong??

Smoke in a Drink Bad:
bacon-smoked bourbon at Belly Timber in Portland, or any smoked hooch that all the new "mixoligists" are doing at bars around the country. Guys...and girls...leave it alone already!

Smoke in a Drink Good:
Laphroig Single Malt Scotch....mmmm...peaty goodness.
The Caipirinha Cocktail...I'm guessing the national liquor of Brazil, Cachaça, gets its smoky character from the oak barrels it's aged in. However they do it, shaken up with a little lime and sugar it makes a kick ass cocktail. A caipirinha is kind of mojito-like, refreshing, the perfect sweet-tart mix, and with that crazy Cachaça complexity. Man, that shit's good! The other night after work I had an urge for something different than the usual negroni or martini. I had a neglected bottle of Cachaça in the bar that seemed so lonely, so to make it and me feel better it was time to put some samba on the stereo, wiggle into my my thong, and whip up a caipirinha and get my Barzilian groove on. Of course I soon realized that I didn't have a thong to put on...which is probably for the better. Talk about a crime against humanity to anyone who might get a peek at my lily white ass....the horror!! But even without the thong, my cocktail was simple, fast, and delicious. Obrigado, Brazil!!
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Caipirinha Cocktail
serves 1

3 oz. cachaça
5 or 6 lime pieces from a lime cut into eigths.
1 tablespoon sugar

Place lime pieces and sugar into bottom of cocktail shaker and muddle until well combined and all mushy. Add cachaça and large ice cubes. Shake for about 15 or 20 seconds, and pour into 5 or 6 ounce old fashioned glass. Garnish with lime.

For an added, non-traditional bit of groove in case you're short on Stan Getz & João Gilberto in your playlist, may I suggest while enjoying a caipirinha getting your Snoop Dogg on with this...

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CraigR said...

Also great smoked: mezcal. Highly recommended is Del Maguey Chichicapa - Single Village Mezcal. It's expensive but used sparingly is worth having around. Mix 1 part with 2 parts of your favorite tequila (plus lime of course) for a kick-ass smokin' margarita.

Gayle said...

Great minds and all that... I just got a new bottle of cachaca last night and will be making plenty of Caipirinhas tonight! Thong on!

bb said...

Craig....haven't had the smoked mezcal. Yet another thing to put on "to drink" list. And thanks for the recipe!

Gayle....somehow when you say "Thong on" I believe you! Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

hells yeah - i never get as drunk as when i go to our local south american rest. and order a few of these. they taste delicious and can create a chaotic night (for me at least).

bb said...

wanf...."a few of these"? right the fuck on! let the chaos ensue indeed!
Haven't seen your blog before either...Nicely done!!