Sunday, July 02, 2006

Now that I'm finally not quite as bitter and resentful over the fact I'm not still on vacation, it seems time to get back to reporting, 'cause my appetite certainly hasn't gone on holiday.

This may be one of the best Sunday mornings I could hope for. A little coffee and the Sunday NYT while lazing about the pad, thinking about tomorrow's dinner party. Then, after much procrastinating, a 4 mile run about 11am...where did all that heat come from?...which of course only led to today's dilemma. What the hell am I going to have for lunch? Long past any appetite quenching effects from that cup of yogurt that was my "breakfast", the blood sugar is plummeting. Luckily, in my 'hood, my Sunday standby has incorporated some awesome breakfast treats. por que no, which has been rocking my taco loving world for some time (check out their carnitas the hook!), has in the last few weeks bumped up the breakfast offerings on Saturday/Sunday.
Fresh out of the shower, I head down the street, check out the specials board in this tiny joint, and know I have to have the chiliquillas, which can be roughly translated as crazy good Mexican hash. Now there are a ton of mediocre versions of this dish out there, but Bryan and the guys at pqn have it down cold! Tortilla chips with chopped tomato, onion, chili spice, cilantro, sour cream, a couple of perfectly cooked over easy eggs, probably one or two more things tossed into the deliciousness just for good measure. This is the deal!! So stupidly satisfying. Sitting outside at a shady cafe table, reading the NYT magazine, wolfing down this amazing plate of food. Do I even need to say "life is so fucking good?" And the day is just beginning!!

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