Friday, June 11, 2010

Drool on: The French Laundry menu

Thomas Keller's little "family" restaurant in Yountville, Ca., The French Laundry, is without question one of the top two or three foodie meccas of the world where, if you want to have any bragging rights whatsoever when it comes to restaurant cred, you have to be able to say "Oh, The French Laundry? Of course we've been. You mean you haven't? Gee, that's too bad." I am among those looked down upon by those more fortunate. I have been this close more than once in rationalizing the $250 per person cost...before wine which can take the ticket up to $350 to $400 per person quicker than it takes the fizz to subside in your Champagne flute...but haven't quite crossed over to the other side. Not helping was this recent menu from TFL, which I saw posted on FoodDude's blog this morning. Totally drool worthy, and I love the descriptions. A seemingly simple "Beets and Leeks" is actually a sneaky way to make sure you get your daily requirement of lobster. To which I would say "Bring it on!" All I know is next time temptation collides with opportunity, I am in!!

Clicking on the menu below will bring it up in a larger format.


Queen of Cuisine said...

I have been to Per Se, in NYC, and can honestly say, it was the most mind-blowing food experience I have ever had. Thomas Keller has always been my food hero, and the French Laundry is a must-eat-before-I-die place. I care not about the cost. Sometimes, you just have to say, what the F---. Right?


Lauren said...

My husband and I visited FL five years ago and it was and still is the best dining experience we have ever had. Keller signed our menu for us, which I then framed along with the bill and little clothespin in a massive shadow box collage we affectionately refer to as "the shrine" (Total geek move, but we love it.) You follow a lot of the same blogs that we do and seem to have similar tastes. I noticed the twitter update about the 07 white burgundy and will be hunting that down today. I know very little about wine (that's my husband's department, I'm the baker) so i am excited to track down a bottle he will like without asking him about it first :) thanks for the rec!