Saturday, May 22, 2010

The HUB of Lower East Burnside?

Reliable word on the lower East Burnside Street is that brewmeister Christian Ettinger of Hopworks Urban Brewing has found a spot for a new brewery/pizzeria in his first expansion from his malt-driven mecca on SE Powell Boulevard.
The building pictured above between SE 6th & 7th Avenue is being renovated, and as the photo shows the "editorial" staff of Exotic Magazine, the 'zine of the PDX stripper scene, will have to find new digs. That sad news aside (as if the printed media hasn't taken enough hits) this is without question going to be a huge boost to not only the LoBu area, but also to the beer driven hordes who worship at the altar of all that is organic and HUBbish!


Timothy said...

Take it from the actual source of HUB beer. This IS NOT the next location of Hopworks Urban Brewing.

bb said...

Damn....that is most disappointing. Consider this post corrected!

brian g said...

That may not be HUB's new location, but there WILL be a new brewpub at 7th/Burnside (the NE corner, formerly Airplay Cafe). The current name is 'The Foundry' (was to be Alchemy) and Jason McAdam (formerly of Roots Organic) is one of the partners. I learned this from Ezra @ The New School Beer Blog (posted under Beer News, May 17th).

bb said... long as the beer is easily accessible and good (and with Roots involved it will be) I am happy!