Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life in Paris: Marché Beauvau & Marché d'Aligré

I have a bunch of Provence stuff to post, but being out of touch with "le wifi" has screwed everything up. Wifi is back at our Paris apartment, so I had to document our visit to the fabulous, must see the indoor Marché Beauvau and its outdoor next-door-neighbor Marché d'Aligré. And pardon the amateurish camera work (shot with my fuji digital camera) and the hackwork commentary. But I AM an amateur AND a hack!


dds said...

Fantastic! Welcome back to the 'grid' beyotch; hungry and jealous....your work here is done.

Neil A said...

Wow. Portland's version of Rick Steves but more food oriented.

peter68_99 said...

sweet video and it's making me crave a trip to europe very soon.