Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Egg Nog- it's not just for Christmas!

Have friends coming over for a post-holiday get together? Want to give them a festive, rich, and far too delicious drink? And get them drunk? And give them heart attacks?? Assuming you answered yes to all of the above questions (or even if you answered yes to just the first) then you are absolutely reading the perfect post. I had meant to get this fabulous old school egg nog recipe up before the holidays, but you know what they say about best laid plans. I was inspired to make this drink, from those carefree days before people cared about fat intake and drunken driving, from a post on Fooddude's blog. His father used it to lubricate gatherings in the 40's. I made it for a pre-Christmas dinner tipple a couple of weeks ago and I can attest to its effectiveness. As FD perfectly summed up: "I will never make any other version. It’s really airy yet creamy, with just the right balance of booze." In his recipe he wisely added 20mg of Lipitor and a cab. To respect individual choice, I'll just put those under the "optional" heading!
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Egg Nog
from Fooddude

Beat 8 egg whites until stiff peaks.
Add 1/2 cup sugar and beat until incorporated. Set aside for a moment.
Beat 8 egg yolks and 1/2 cup sugar.
Put the whites back on the mixer, and fold in the beaten yolks
At a slower speed, add 1 qt heavy cream, 1 pt whole milk, beat some more.
Add 2 cups rum and 1/2 cup bourbon.
Pour into glasses, dust with freshly ground nutmeg
Take 20 mg Lipitor
Call cab.


Hampers said...

Thanks for sharing the Egg Nog recipe. Will try this coming weekend. Hope it taste well. Enjoyed your blog very much.

bb said...

Hampers....make sure you let me know how you liked it. I think you'll be most pleased!

dds said...

Went the entire holiday season with nary a nog, not even the bottled grocery store variety. Feeling so deprived. Tweet this next November as a reminder, please!(Why wouldn't this work for a mid-winter dinner party dessert? Stick a pirouline in it and call it done!)

bb said...

gee....if only someone was having a mid-winter dinner party...hmmm.

Next year your egg nog reminder will be probably be included with some sort of invitation! And I know you don't do deprivation well.