Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Special Event celebrating the soul of the Mediterranean!

"Around the Mediterranean, the soul is celebrated through the stomach. Food is a main ingredient of life, the center of nearly everything, and forms--with politics and soccer--the holy trinity of passions (and conversation topics).
The markets, from the splendid covered ones of Istanbul and Valencia to the sprawling souks of fez and Cairo and Aleppo, are temples dedicated to the pursuit and pleasure of good food that is undeniably, a daily priority, and they supply the ample bounty of products that define the region's magnificent cuisines."
from the intro to Rice, Pasta, Couscous

Those sentences above explain everything about the passion that fuels Jeff Koehler's new book "Rice, Pasta, Couscous" and the stories and recipes it contains explain my excitement about having Jeff make the Portland stop of his book tour at VINO this Saturday from 7-9pm. Jeff is a Barcelona-based American food and travel writer who has spent the last few years traveling the Mediterranean crescent researching this book. At Saturday's FREE event, Jeff will do selected readings from his book and talk about his research, and I'm sure in the process fuel all of our appetites. We will have copies of his book for purchase and signing. To help set the mood, we'll also have wine available for your sampling pleasure. I can't tell you how privileged I feel to have Jeff at VINO, and hope you'll join me in exploring the passion contained in "Rice, Pasta, Couscous".
Book reading with Jeff Koehler
Saturday, Nov., 7th., 7-9pm
1226 SE Lexington in Sellwood
Portland, Or

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