Thursday, September 24, 2009

You call this work??

As I said to some people in an email this morning, this is yet another reason I absolutely LOVE working for myself. This morning's big chore at work: setting up the Weber out back of VINO to slow roast herb scented tomatoes for some sauce making. I'm guessing if I worked in some office building downtown it might be a bit problematic to set the 'que out on the sidwalk. Here, in the lovely Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, not so much. Now, come January and February, when memories of fresh tomatoes are somewhere in a warm, hazy cloud, all I have to do is pull a container of this blast of Indian summer out of the freezer (that's a bowl of it I made a couple of years ago at right), toss it with some pasta, and suddenly it isn't quite so cold outside. The heat from 4 to 5 hours of roasting concentrates the sugars in the tomatoes, yet still preserving all the sweet, fresh summer flavor. There are tomatoes coming on by the bushels out of gardens and farmer's markets right now. If not for you, then for those who depend on you for sustenance you must take advantage!!
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Slow Roasted, Herb Scented Tomato Sauce
an E.D.T. original

Destem tomatoes and cut in half. Arrange on foil that has been placed on top of grill grate (poke several holes in foil to facilitate smoke seepage). Arrange tomatoes on top as shown above. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle salt on tomatoes and top with sprigs of thyme (I’ve also stuck a few sprigs of water soaked rosemary under the foil). Place grill over medium-hot fire, cover grill and let roast for four or five hours (you may need to replenish the charcoal to maintain the temperature). When done, carefully slide tomatoes off of grill with spatula into large bowl. When cool place tomatoes in food processor in batches and purée until smooth. Portion into freezer containers, place in freezer, and wait for winter! You can also do this in a 250* oven, but you’ll lose out on the herb-tinged smokiness that takes this sauce over the top.
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bbum said...

Delicious way to go. I would recommend, though, not using aluminum for such an activity. The acids in the 'matoes can easily interact w/the aluminum and yield an off flavor.

In my case, I just did it straight up in a cast iron wok in my big green egg. Yielded the most epically yummy sauce EVER!!!

Tomato Garlic Basil Eggplant Smoked Sauce