Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting Juiced!

When it comes to cooking or making your favorite refreshing juice-based cocktail, efficiency is key. Efficiency, and for those of us without dishwashers, ease of cleaning. I don't usually pimp products here, but ever since I saw this in Gourmet I wanted it. Plus I admit to a certain unhealthy fascination with new kitchen gadgets. Then a few weeks ago w came walking in the door with one after a Target shopping spree, and after one use I was a believer. Sure, I'd like one of those fancy countertop juicers, but at a couple hundred bucks a pop my money is better spent elsewhere, like on more food and Tanqueray! Plus they take up valuable counter space, and in our square foot deprived kitchen, every inch counts. At ten bucks a pop it's ridiculously cheap, and with its non-skid rubberized bottom, clean pouring, and super ease of clean up, very well thought out. And it beats the hell out my my hand reamer, where I was left fishing seeds out of the juice when I was done. Trust me, get one, and you can thank me later!


CamiKaos said...

thanks for the tip. our hand reamer drives me nuts and we don't have room for one of those fancy bar style juicers... I think I'll add it to my list of whatnots to pick up

bb said...

You'll be most pleased. And at ten bucks, it's guilt free whatnotting!