Friday, June 02, 2006

6/1/2006 12:30pm/ Barcelona
It was an all Gaudi, all afternoon in Barca yesterday. Spent the early afternoon in Parc Güell, a Gaudi designed, 30 hectare park that is regarded as the nicest open space in the city. Gaudi is a local hero here in Barcelona. His designs, particularly the phantasmagorical (now that's one of those words you don't get to use too often) La Familia Segrada, his unfinished cathedral, are iconic Barcelona landmarks. Fanciful, disturbing, drug-induced...pick your adjectives, because he had some wildly original things going on in his head. And unlike most of us, if he could dream it, he could build it!
Here's a couple of shots from yesterdays Gaudi fest.....
A piece of the furniture he designed that is now in the Gaudi Museum, which was a home he lived in for 20 years here in Barcelona, in Parc Güell.

Gaudi slept here!

Huge columns and the "G" designed ceiling in part of the parc by the museum.

Part of La Sagrada Famiglia. On one side of the Segrada are these dramatic religious scenes (notice that instead of a detailed head on Christ, it's just a square block), the other side, as in the next photo, this bizarre, dark view of religion. Crazy stuff, but very compelling.

After a round of tapas bar hopping last night, woke up late this morning, almost 10:00! People out on La Rambla until all hours of the morning. The first stop today was La Boqueria. I can't get enough of this local food mecca. Had my garbanzos at Pinotxo Bar (and just so you now, I'll be back for one last hit tomorrow morning before I that dish), and a very small, flat omelet that they serve with a piece of toasted rustic bread that has been rubbed with tomato and drizzled with olive oil. That's one that's coming home with me! Wandered the market for an hour or so...then this afternoon...who knows. I'm guessing more food and drink.........ciao!
Here's a few more shots......
Walking back to the hotel last night, wandered by this knife shop. Somehow, incredibly, this guy who works there had just CUT HIMSELF! Grabbed my camera, took a quick shot which I'm not sure he liked, and admittedly was kind of rude, but it was too good. Then ran out before they demo'd some product on me!

The next three are from my morning at Boqueria......
Beautiful fresh shellfish and seafood everywhere.

Now this is how to sell farm fresh eggs!

My future wife and mother-in-law.................okay, maybe not, but ya gotta respect what she could bring to the table!!

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